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Friday, March 23, 2018

We will create a reliable space.

Business Korea, or the "Company," has established and implemented a child and youth protection policy in order for children and youths to form correct values and grow as a healthy member of society. Through our child and youth protection policy, Business Korea acknowledges you of the measures that Business Korea takes to protect child and youth. In order to provide healthy and stable service to children and youths, we will continuously supplement and improve children and youths protection policy in the future.

We strive to provide a safe environment.

Business Korea is carrying out various activities to protect children and youths from violent or suggestive content. The reporting function is open to all content to report problematic content. In addition, we do not post pornographic content, and therefore prevent harmful information from being exposed to children and youths.

In case obscene content with an object that can be recognized as a minor is detected, immediate action is taken on the content. In addition, we do not only impose the highest level of punishment in Business Korea for the member who posted or shared the content, but also prepared a response system in connection with the judicial authorities to report the related matters to investigation agencies and etc.

We learn and listen attentively to become a healthy service.

Business Korea enforces child and youth protection-related education to the people in charge of child and youth protection and service creators. The people in charge reconfirm the importance of child and youth protection through the process of educating child and youth protection related acts and standards of sanction, coping method in case harmful information is detected and reporting procedure about processing violations.

For people who are suffering from harmful information to child and youth or who want to make a report, Business Korea provides inquiry channel for damage counseling and opinion hearing to stop the damage from spreading.

We will not neglect our obligations of child and youth protection responsibilities.

children and youths are our future and objects with the most precious value for everyone to protect. In order for children and youths to form correct values and grow as a healthy member of society, Business Korea will do its best to create and cherish a safe space.

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