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Thursday, January 18, 2018

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Hallyu TV Channel in China

30 December 2013 - 8:34pm

Hallyu TV Channel in China DOX TV Will Open an Exclusive K-Wave Channel in China

DOX TV CEO Xiangjiang Tan, who is also serving as the vice chairman of the Chinese Culture Promotion Society, visited Korea to discuss with its Korean partner Hanyang Holdings about the establishment of Hallyu TV Channel in China on December 3, 2013. Followings are some excerpts from the interview with him.

Is this your first time in Korea? What is the purpose of your visit at this time?

Actually, this is my third visit to Korea. I have been astonished by the dynamism and...

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The King Hilton Executive room.

Grand Hilton Seoul

30 December 2013 - 8:27pm

The holidays are a time for giving and sharing. Hotel Grand Hilton Seoul has put together a holiday special package called Winter Story to help children from developing countries all around the world.

Guests can choose from the Warm Winter, Gourmet Winter, or Romantic Winter packages. Warm Winter and Gourmet Winter provide a stay in an executive room with breakfast and happy hour at the executive lounge. Romantic Winter is a special package that serves a Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz with a cheese and fruit plate in a Junior Suite. A little teddy bear with the Grand Hilton logo is...

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Danyang County

30 December 2013 - 7:45pm

Danyang is traditionally well known for its “Danyang Pal Gyeong,”or Eight Beautiful Sceneries. By continuing to shore up its tourism infrastructure and successfully launching tourism promotion campaigns, Danyang County has won various prizes and awards in the tourism sector from the central government and public organizations, boosting Danyang’s brand value as a major tourist destination in Korea.


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The Supreme Court ruled on December 18 2013 that the regular bonus is included in the ordinary wage, which is expected to have great repercussions in the auto industry.

Responses from Political Circle

30 December 2013 - 7:05pm

The ruling party voiced concern over Supreme Court’s decision that regular bonuses are a part of “ordinary wages,” insisting that the decision puts an increasing burden on business. The party also requested both labor and management to work together to reorganize the current wage structure through communication and cooperation. But opposition parties welcomed the decision, urging the National Assembly to take further actions to put an end to possible ongoing conflicts.


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Trap of Ordinary Wages

30 December 2013 - 6:54pm

The recent Supreme Court ruling relating to the expanded scope of ordinary wages is stirring the economic community in the form of labor-management disputes, reduction in investment, and employment shrinkages. Korean enterprises, which are already concerned over mounting uncertainties, are about to be additionally burdened with the ordinary wages risk, finding it inevitable to redo their business plans for next year. In particular, major business groups in the automobile, shipbuilding, and steel industries, where overtime and holiday work is much more frequent than in others, are supposed...

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The Supreme Court ruled on December 18 2013 that the regular bonus is included in the ordinary wage, which is expected to have great repercussions in the auto industry.

To Our Readers

30 December 2013 - 6:43pm
Jack H. Park

The Supreme Court finally delivered its ruling that regular and fixed bonuses are to be included in the scope of ordinary wages, even when the cycle of payment is over one month. The scope of ordinary wages had been the key issue surrounding many con- flicts between management and labor, because it could not only make a lot of differences in overtime pay, but also could be the basis for severance payment calculations. No less than 160 lawsuits are pending with regards to the issue. This time, the court decidedly took the labor world’s side.

Although the standard has been made clear...

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Windows 8 Tablets

30 December 2013 - 1:17pm

In January, Samsung Electronics will launch a tablet PC offensive in Korea by introducing new models of its ATIV Tab, its Windows 8-based 4G LTE tablet. The Korean tech giant is planning to strengthen the lineup of tablets targeting companies at the start of the year, and thus increase its share of the local tablet market. 

According to industry sources on December 26, Samsung will launch two different types of Windows-based 4G LTE tablets through SK Telecom and KT Telecom as early as January. 

The model that is due to be released through SK Telecom is likely to be the ATIV...

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Partnership Restructuring

30 December 2013 - 1:07pm

According to industry sources on December 26, Ericsson-LG has recently started to implement a major restructuring with early retirement incentive programs and a reduction in sales personnel. The phenomenon is largely attributable to its failure to obtain an order from LGU+ to provide equipment for the construction of a 2.6GHz broadband LTE network nationwide, although the joint venture between Ericsson and LG Electronics was for LTE equipment supplies of LGU+ in the past. 

In the face of a crisis where the company’s sales are likely to be cut in half in 2014, the management reached...

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SME Supremacy

30 December 2013 - 1:04pm

According to the results of its 2013 study on 28,135 venture firms by the Korea Venture Business Association (KOVA), last year’s venture businesses posted 6.72 billion won (US$6.36 million) in average sales, 380 million won (US$359,860) in gross operating profits, and 230 million (US$217,810) in net profits. The figures for 2012 were all up from a year ago. 

The average annual growth rate of venture business sales was 15.8% last year, much higher than that of large companies (5.0%), or small and medium-sized enterprises (5.3%). In addition, venture firms recorded 5.7% of the gross...

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30 December 2013 - 12:59pm

Nexon opened the Nexon Arena and announced its management plan for the e-sports stadium on December 28. Located in Seocho-gu, Seoul, the arena is as wide as 1,683 m2 and has two floors underground. It is the first stadium dedicated to e-sports built by a game developer. 

The duplex structure provides 176 audience seats on its B1 floor, 260 on floor B2, and four five-person and one-person booths on the main stage. It also comes with a 19 meter wide and 3.4 meter high LED screen for greater viewing pleasure. 

In addition, it is equipped with the most advanced...

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