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Friday, March 23, 2018

Children playing with Attocube blocks.
Children playing with Attocube blocks.
20 March 2017 - 11:00am
Michael Herh

Attocube ( announced on March 17 that the company registered the Attocube Private Instructor Certification System through the Ministry of Education. The system helps children to develop their imagination and creativity while creating various patterns with eco-friendly wooden blocks.

Attocube is an educational company which developed wooden blocks that can help children develop imagination by creating various images and patterns with the blocks that received domestic and foreign patents. The company was incubated by the Gyeonggi Innovation Center. Nine Attocube blocks can create about 2.3 billion images. As the number of blocks increases, the number of expressions increases sharply. Therefore, the product helps children expand their imagination and creativity. The environment-friendly wood blocks can stimulate children’s cognitive ability, senses, and tactile sensation as well.

Attocube has been used at 33 Gyeonggi provincial day-care centers and Busan day-care centers since the company signed an MOU for the supply of educational tools and materials signed with the Gyeonggi Provincial Day-Care Center Association in August last year. The company is also close to signing an MOU with the Korea Kindergarten Association. Moreover, cultural centers of famous department stores are negotiating with Attocube over selling the product and offering Attocube classes. The product will also be used in formal classes of famous kids' cafes in Korea.

"Taking into consideration the advent of an era where artificial intelligence is used in various ways, eventually, children with imagination will become so precious assets. Therefore it is necessary to enhance their thinking power, creativity and problem solving capabilities,” Attocube CEO Han Sang-taek said. “With the Attocube Private Instructor Certification System as a beginning, we will recruit the first class of Atocube teachers and provide a wide variety of contents that will help children to think creatively on their own."


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