Step Further Toward Globalization: North Gyeongsang Provincial Government Aims to Jump up to be ‘Global North Gyeongsang’ | BusinessKorea

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Kim Kwan-yong, the governor of South Korea's North Gyeongsang Province.
Kim Kwan-yong, the governor of South Korea's North Gyeongsang Province.
11 January 2017 - 2:15pm
Lee Song-hoon

Ushering the era of new provincial government last year, North Gyeongsang Province focused on “Global North Gyeongsang Province” strategy, which aims to spread throughout the world from the existing Asia-centered international exchange, and raised its status on the international stage.

According to North Gyeongsang Province, the opening ceremony of its new government office building in March last year was attended by diplomats from 30 countries, including 22 ambassadors to South Korea, and foreign press. Moreover, 20 overseas sisterhood organizations from 14 countries sent delegations and congratulatory messages to celebrate the opening, showing a cordial fellowship.

In addition, Indonesia's President Joko Widodo, who made a state visit to South Korea in May last year, met with Kim Kwan-yong, the governor of South Korea's North Gyeongsang Province, to discuss ways to cooperate in major issues, such as Saemaeu (New Village) globalization, commerce and investment expansion and partnerships in the marine and cultural sectors. Kim also signed a friendship exchange agreement with Hunan Province, one of the most popular tourist destination in China, establishing a bridgehead to push into inland China.

The move shows its will to deepen exchanges a step further from the existing ones continued through its participation into the Association of North East Asia Reginonal Goverments (NEAR) and a conclusion of memorandum of understanding for friendship exchanges between the two parties, becoming a turning point of exchange cooperation of the regions.

In July last year, the province held “Global Youth Culture Camp” for teenagers of overseas sisterhood regions for five nights and six days and introduced the history and culture of North Gyeongsang Province.

Furthermore, North Gyeongsang Province and China’s Jilin Province foster global talent who have experienced the administration and culture in the two regions through their mutual exchanges of government officials. Based on it, the provinces seeks to strengthen collaboration exchange in various sectors.

With the opening of the new government office building, various officials from all around the world, including public official trainees from Shanxi Province, Diogo, minister of the Territorial Administration of Angola, Malungu, Angola's ambassador to South Korea, and municipal assembly delegation of Mongolia’s Ulaanbaatar, visited North Gyeongsang Province.  

North Gyeongsang Province Governor Kim said, “With the relocation of the new government office building, we are planning to introduce the identity of North Gyeongsang Province to the international community and make a new turning point in exchange cooperation. Based on the lasting relationships with foreign sisterhood regions, North Gyeongsang Province has been able to continuously push ahead with its global projects, such as Saemaeul globalization and global cultural expo.”



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