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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

19 April 2017 - 12:00pm
Jung Min-hee

Korea Western Power (KOWEPO) announced on April 17 that the company signed a technical agreement for the operation and maintenance of coal power generation and renewable power generation facilities at a power plant in Shanxi Province, China with Gemeng International of China.

Korea Western Power, which operates four power plants with 11,662MW power generation capacities in South Korea, boasts the world's highest level of reliability in power generation facilities (a 0.055% breakdown rate and a 0.076% unplanned loss rate in 2016). The Korean power generator has secured know-how in the operation and maintenance of power plant facilities and is leading the development of new and renewable energy generation facilities such as wind power, solar power, fuel cells and IGCC.

Gemeng International, which supplies electricity to Shanxi Province in China, is also a general energy company operating 13 coal-fired power plants and seven coal mines in China. In particular, recently, the company is minimizing the emission of air pollutants (Sox: 5ppm, NOx: 17ppm, Dust: 2mg / Nm3) by changing the facilities to environmental ones.

"We hope that long-term exchanges of technologies between the two companies will contribute to the environmental cooperation of the two countries as well as the enhancement of facility reliability," said Jung Ha-hwang, president of Korea Western Power when he signed the deal.

Under the MOU, the two companies agreed to create synergies of power plant O&M technologies by operating facilities more efficiently, stably, and environmentally by sharing power plant operation and maintenance knowhow.



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