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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Pansori rapper Jung Pan-sol performs.
Pansori rapper Jung Pan-sol performs.
Jeju, Korea
6 February 2018 - 12:15pm
Choi Mun-hee

Artistic sounds in an ancient cave created a beautiful winter scenery with the snow from the holes in the ceiling of the cave.

A cave Concert took place under the theme of “Concert with Poem and Art” at 3:00 p.m. on February 3 in a natural cave located in Hallim-eup, Jeju Island. 

The unique concert, which was organized and produced by a social club Happy People, presented a grand artistic feast by integrating poetry, musical performances, songs, dancing, pantomime and pictures, all mixed with one another under the theme, mesmerizing the 400 people in the cave.

After the opening performance, pantomimist Byun Jong-soo showed his performance under the title of Writhing and Waiting in the Dark. His motions in a closed space and loneliness expressed by the motions aroused the sympathy of the audience, mirroring people’s loneliness deep in their hearts.

The following show was unexpectedly decorated with snow. Modern dancer Kim Sam-ryong showed his performance in the middle of the stage and, all of a sudden, snow flurries flew like in a dream from the ceiling right above the stage. The audience was fascinated by the view.

“The captivating stage in the cave was truly astonishing and the best shows were as attractive as the stage as well,” said one of the audience members, adding, “The snow flurries from the ceiling of the cave were like a movie.”

The performers of the concert also included former Korea National University of Arts professor and choreographer Jung Shin-ae, flutist Cha Ji-hoon, baritone player Kim Sun-jin, and Pansori rapper Jung Pan-sol. Jung Kun-ho and Lee Ki-boong from Fusion Band Company played music and read poets throughout the concert to make it even more attractive.

Former Sangmyung University professor Kim Nam-ho’s artworks were displayed in the cave, too. His works have been well-known as the only artworks that can be seen in a space without light. In the cave, his works were exhibited behind the audience seats and toward the exit, creating a perfect harmony with the darkness of the cave. He recently held an invitational exhibition, titled the Revelation of God, in Shanghai. At the concert, he showed his concentration on the very foundation of his being.

Choi Mun-hee, who is the producer of the event and president of Happy People, said, “We planned and prepared the concert with a hope that it could deliver the message to create a more beautiful and pleasing community on the beautiful nature of Jeju, adding, “We wish that the concert be a place for audience to meet themselves, have a chance to leave their busy daily life for a moment, find the ultimate pureness in the ancient cave, and ultimately dream of a better tomorrow with the shining streak of light penetrating the cave.” 


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