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Friday, March 23, 2018

The Opening Ceremony for the 2017 Korea Grand Sale. (photo courtesy: Visit Korea Committee)
The Opening Ceremony for the 2017 Korea Grand Sale. (photo courtesy: Visit Korea Committee)
Seoul, Korea
23 November 2017 - 11:15am
Lee Song-hoon

The Visit Korea Committee will hold the 'Korea Grand Sale', which is a shopping, culture and tourism festival for foreigners, from January 18 to February 28 of next year.

The Korea Grand Sale will focus on linking with the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games, publicizing Korea's representative culture and tourism content, and expand the participation of small and medium-sized merchants and small business owners under the concept of the 'Special Winter Festival'. During the event, visitors will enjoy a variety of experiences and activities under the themes of 'Winter Sports', 'Night Life', 'K Culture', and 'K Food'.

The 'Tourist Service Center' run by the Visit Korea Committee will tour local festivals and tourist attractions around the venue of the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games in Gangwon Province and provide foreign language interpretation and other convenience services.

The industry is already offering benefits that can draw foreigners' attention. First, Jeju Air and Air Seoul will sell discount tickets which are up to 95% and 92% cheaper, respectively, in all routes from overseas places to South Korea. In particular, Jeju Air will give public transit cards with images of popular Korean star "TVXQ" in a lottery for those who buy airline tickets.

Lotte Hotel offers a 40,000 won prepaid card of Lotte Duty Free Shop to foreign residents who book more than two nights. Lotte Duty Free Shop offers free gifts to those who spend at least US$ 1 at the store and discounts by purchase levels. The Doota Duty Free Shop also offers coupons worth a total of 110,000 won depending on purchase amounts. Korea Smart Card offers a 3,000 won discount for Mpass Card for buses and subways for foreigners.

On top of that, the Visit Korea Committee will offer convenience services to foreign independent tourists (FITs). Thus, the committee will intensively promote the Korea Tour Card, a travel and tourism card exclusively for foreigners during the Korea Grand Sale period and give an up to 50% discount of the 'Hands Free Service' (a luggage delivery and keeping service from hotels to airports and at major spots).

"This is a great opportunity for foreign tourists to experience colorful Korea such as sports, sightseeing and cultural experiences as well as to enjoy shopping in Korea as the 'Korea Grand Sale' period overlaps with that of the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games,” said Han Kyung-ah, secretary general of the Visit Korea Committee. “We will develop the Korea Grand Sale into a shopping culture and tourism bash that represents not only Korea but entire Asia by achieving qualitative growth matching quantitative growth."


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