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Friday, March 23, 2018

South Korea ranked 13th in terms of digital engagement among the 139 countries across the world.
South Korea ranked 13th in terms of digital engagement among the 139 countries across the world.
18 May 2017 - 12:15pm
Cho Jin-young

Accounting firm Deloitte Anjin released its Voice of Asia report for 2016 on May 17. According to it, the digital engagement index of every Asian country with the only exception of Myanmar was above the average of the 139 countries around the world covered by the report. The digital engagement index is based on each country’s network readiness index (NRI) compared to its GDP per capita.
In Asia, South Korea recorded the fourth-highest digital engagement index, following Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. When it comes to the NRI, South Korea scored 5.6 on a scale of one to seven with the indices of the government, enterprises and individuals being at high levels alike.
The South Korean government’s digital engagement index was at a particularly high level. In last year’s UN e-government survey, the South Korean government was one of the five with the highest online service indices (OSIs). It had been one of the top three in the same survey covering the year of 2014, too.

Among the 139 countries across the world, South Korea ranked 13th in terms of digital engagement. It had ranked 12th in the previous survey.

Specifically, South Korea took the fifth place in information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and first in ICT utilization by individuals whereas it came in 99th, 21st and 69th in terms of the efficiency of legislative bodies, laws related to ICT and autonomy of the judiciary, respectively. This implies that administrative regulations acted as an obstacle to digital innovation in the country. 


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