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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

“Get to Know KOREA 2016” participants are posing for a photo shoot.
“Get to Know KOREA 2016” participants are posing for a photo shoot.
28 November 2016 - 4:00pm
Lee Song-hoon

Invest KOREA, the KOTRA’s organization dedicated to attracting foreign investment, held the “Get to Know KOREA 2016” Event, a Korean cultural experience event by inviting those from foreign companies investing in Korea and foreign journalists to the Kimchi Museum in Jongro and the Jongro Social Welfare Center on November 26. The event which started in 2009 has contributed to creating a favorable atmosphere for foreign investors in Korea about Korea's excellent investment and living environments.

The event consisted of making kimchi for the winter and sharing love was held with 50 participants including employees of foreign-invested companies such as Glenn Walker, president of Raytheon International Korea and Rob Figge, a managing director of Boeing Korea and foreign journalists among others. Participants learned about the history and kinds of kimchi through a tour of the Kimchi Museum and tried making kimchi directly.

At the "KOTRA-Foreign Companies Joint Kimchi Sharing Event" held following the morning experience event, foreign investors and volunteers from KOTRA delivered kimchi to 120 marginalized households in Jongro-gu. In addition, participants donated money and personal valuables such as special gifts and food from participating companies with love.

“As living environments have a great impact on investment decisions as much a business environments, we will take the lead in informing of Korea through cultural experience events,” said Kim Yong-guk, head of Invest KOREA. “In addition, we will continue to carry out joint social contribution activities in order to boost Korean people’s friendliness with foreign companies in Korea.”



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